Cymbalta (Generic duloxetine )

Effective product for the treatment of depression and anxious disorders

Generic Cymbalta. High quality, time proved

Generic Cymbalta. High quality, time proved

generic cymbalta is a trade name of the active component Duloxetine which provides a fast antidepressant effect and copes with other diseases of the central nervous system.

Duloxetine active component has been synthesized by Eli Lily company, and this company owns the exclusive rights to the Cymbalta brand name. however, the chemical formula of Duloxetine is generally available, and therefore many large pharmaceutical companies of India use it in the production of Generic Cymbalta.

cymbalta-2The worldwide known pharmaceutical companies Ajanta Pharma and Cipla produce Generic Cymbalta by the original technology of Eli Lily, and the quantity of the active component in 1 pill of Generic Cymbalta is the same as in 1 pill of the original medicine.

The Cymbalta price is overpriced in the USA and countries of Europe because the drug cost includes all expenses to the advertisement and promotion of this drug on the market. This is how Cymbalta differs from the brand medicine because the prices of Generic Cymbalta may be by 2-3 times lower.

The low Cymbalta price is explained that the Indian companies do not spend million of sums at the advertisement of their drugs, and Cymbalta prices includes expenses at the production of the drug only, and it is possible to buy Generic Cymbalta at the real cost.

Patients prefer cheap Cymbalta 40 mg in many developing countries, and they buy quality Generics without overpaying for the “brand name”.

The long-term experience of the use of cheap Cymbalta 40 mg proves not only the high efficiency of this drug. There is no difference between the original and Generic drug, and if there is, it is no point to overpay.

For instance, if you decide to buy Generic Cymbalta, you may compare prices at the original drug and Generic, and make sure that you will buy 2 times more pills of the cheap Cymbalta 40 mg at the fixed cost in comparison with the expensive brand drug.

Despite the high popularity of the cheap analogues all over the world it is rather difficult to buy Generic Cymbalta over the counter in the USA, Canada, and even in the countries of the European Union. To do it, a prescription is required. If you have no prescription, and no time, or money to see a doctor, you may buy Generic Cymbalta in online pharmacy.

In order to buy Generic Cymbalta there is no need to provide a prescription, and if you have questions as to the pharmacological properties of this antidepressant, you may read the instructions for the use of the drug and contact a consultant of the pharmacy who will reply to all your questions.

Directions for the use of Generic Cymbalta

dosDosage and usage of Cymbalta:

  • Cymbalta capsules are taken orally with a full glass of water; the treatment is started from the minimal daily dose – 40 mg
  • In case of no side effects during the use of 40 mg of Duloxetine the dosage may be gradually increased
  • The optimal daily dose is 60-80 mg a day
  • The maximal daily dosage is 120 mg (2 times a day, 60 mg in the morning and evening)
  • In case of the chronic diseases of liver it is not recommended to exceed 40 mg a day

Possible side effects:

The patient may develop the following side effects in the setting of the Cymbalta usage: dizziness, dry mouth, headache, sleep disorder, anxiety, low appetite, flushes, and low libido.

These side effects are not dangerous, and the side effects are transient in case of the proper observance of the recommendations for the use of Cymbalta over the counter.

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