Cymbalta (Generic duloxetine )

Effective product for the treatment of depression and anxious disorders

Generic cymbalta Review

Generic cymbalta is an advanced antidepressant the active component of which is Duloxetine. This medicine provides a fast antidepressive effect, improves an emotional and psychological health, and does not cause negative reactions.

Generic Cymbalta is serotonin noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor. It increases the level of the chemical microelements in the brain which are responsible for the good mood and emotional stability.

Unlike most antidepressants Generic Cymbalta provides a fast and stable effect. The first results of the treatment are noticed in one week already after the beginning of the pill application. The patient feels the improvement of the emotional condition, he/she rarely suffers from the attacks of the severe depression.

The therapeutic effect of Generic Cymbalta is more stable. The patient does not have the emotional breakdowns during the treatment and the increase/decrease of the therapeutic effect.


Generic cymbalta Vs Brand duloxetine

Many city pharmacies sell exclusively Brand duloxetine the manufacturer of which is a pharmaceutical corporation – Eli Lilly. This company is the only owner of the patent on the brand name Duloxetine. Not all patients may afford to buy the medicine every month and effectively treat the depression because of the cost of the brand Duloxetine.

The more affordable product is Generic Cymbalta which is produced by small Indian or European pharmaceutical companies. Cymbalta price may be by 3-4 times lower than the cost of the original brand drug but the quality of Generic Cymbalta does not worse than the brand Duloxetine.

Duloxetine generic

Generic Cymbalta contains the identical active component Duloxetine. The quantity of the active component is identical in one pill. The difference between the analogue and original is only in the appearance of the pill and marking. It is proved that Generic Cymbalta acts as effective as the brand medicine.

The low Cymbalta price is explained that the manufacturers of Generic Cymbalta does not spend millions on the advertising and promotion of this drug. Eli Lilly has already done it. Unfortunately, Generic Cymbalta is not almost for sale in the city pharmacies but this drug may be bought in the online pharmacy. Thousands of people already buy Generic Cymbalta in the online pharmacy because they do not see the difference between this drug and the original one. But Cymbalta price in online pharmacy is lower, and therefore they select cheap Generic.

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